Brutuslib - synchronous encryption library (FREEWARE)    

This library was originally developed in YAN Design & Development.

There are many synchronous encryption libraries (encryption with secure key), but there may be implementantion problems sometimes. E.g. you have to use compiled code or include additional libraries. In C/C++ or Java you are able to solve this very simply, but if you are using some scripting languages such as PHP, you do not have valid configuration aviable always. Especially if you are forced to use commercial hosting or restrictive customer conditions.

In that case there is Brutuslib based on elementary functions so no additional libraries are necessary. Source code for PHP is aviable at present, Java and C port are in development.

The main Brutuslib advantages are dynamic key system (every block is encrypted by different key) and the fact, that key length is not recorded in encrypted message. Brutuslib is binary-safe so you can encrypt any file with it. Nevertheless we recommend encrypting small files only with PHP code because of performance. Additional information are located in How does it work section and API section. This library is not provided under the GPL licence, so we recommend to read Licence section.

If you have any ideas or questions concerned with Brutuslib, leave a message at [email protected].

Successfull programming wishes Jan Drda.

[23.05.2006] New version 1.1 (encoding fault repaired)


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